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The company “Центр ПереводчикЪ” (“Center Perevodchik”) is a network of translation bureau in Yekaterinburg city. It offers professional translation of foreign languages.It was opened in August 8, 2005. 

We cannot judge is it a long way or not, but during this time hundreds of companies and individuals from Russia and other countries became our clients. Our services are popular among different companies that are leaders in various spheres.

The representatives of such areas as engineering, construction, metallurgy, medicine, carriage of passengers, light and food industry, oil and gas production and processing, power generation sector and many other companies, representatives of Russian and foreign industry are among them. Throughout “Центр ПереводчикЪ” (“Center Perevodchik”) existence the company employees provided professional translation of foreign languages ​​not only for companies and individuals from the Russian Federation, but also for foreign companies and individuals.

For many years our specialists have been translating and interpreting for the companies from

  • England,
  • Switzerland,
  • Italy,
  • Turkey,
  • the United Arab Emirates,
  • China,
  • Poland,
  • Germany,
  • Thailand,
  • France
  • and many other countries.

Over these years our team made ​​ thousands of translation orders of various documents from foreign languages ​​into Russian and vice versa. And we can offer you this service in the sphere of professional translation and interpreting.

During all these years company “Центр ПереводчикЪ” (“Center Perevodchik”) consistently provides high-quality translation services combining with reasonable prices as evidenced by numerous testimonials and comments of ordinary people and representatives of medium-sized business and big business. We are pleased to offer you the combination of qualified and professional translation service at a good price and in short terms of fulfillment period. We guarantee the accuracy and correctness of the translation with all stylistic and professional nicety reserved. Our clients receive a fully finished product that does not require additional verification, refinement and execution. Our prices are very attractive and we have a flexible discount system.

We are glad to see you among our clients!